Lingering in the Preparatory State

Nervous.  Anxious. Unprepared.  The English language has a diverse variety and states of being for me to choose from or multitask in performing for my up and coming departure from my homeland.  Technically I have been out of the US of A before, Canada, Tijuana, Mexico, and The Bahamas.  This adventure however, will be largely independent.  Even though my life, my preparation, and factors involved in general, have, in fact, been going well, I feel like something must go wrong.

Luckily, I have proven to myself and I would say to outside observers in general, that I recover quite well from my mistakes regardless of the magnitude.  Mistakes are an interesting part of life.  They are so much of what makes up who we are.  They are unavoidable.  They are, a topic for another day because, I am leaving the country.

Friday evening, June 19, 2009, I will board a plane to Manchester, England.  I will join a group of people who have never met me before.  I will leave behind previously mentioned mistakes.  I cannot and do not wish to deny my mistakes, however, I intend to live without them during my time there.  I will be attending the University of Liverpool.  I am taking with me the lesson learned from a Creative Writing class in highschool, Novemeber 2001-March 2002; be a sponge.  The sights, the sounds, the people, the accents, the mannerisms, the smells, the tendencies, the belief-systems, the colors, the loves, the weather, the everything, are the water to the sponge in your pocket, the sponge you need to be as a writer.   And so it seems perhaps needless to say, more to follow.

Nervous Squirrel With Nut

2 thoughts on “Lingering in the Preparatory State”

  1. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a certain degree of envy…I’d love to spend some time in Europe (in general…England is on my list of specific places I’d like to visit…) And I know that feeling of stepping out into something new and drastically different…the excitement of making a new beginning, the trepidation of wanting to make sure that past mistakes don’t return and taint this new experience (and that new mistakes don’t show up to take the place of the old ones…)

    Life is full of chances to leap into a new realm. Sometimes it may be an actual physical relocation, sometimes it may be more metaphorical–a new job or career, some new endeavor, new realms of experience and responsibility. So far, in my experience, the biggest factor in really capitalizing on those chances is to let your excitement at the chance overpower your fears of screwing it up…and it sounds like you’re well on your way for that! Have fun over there…I’m looking forward to hearing more about how things go!

  2. Have FUN!!!!!!!! I will think of you often, because I lovelovelove England and will wish I could be there too.

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