Perhaps Professional

A sheepish grin from the author after correcting three or four misspells and, ironically, mistakes in the posts written so far.  I do take my writing seriously but know myself a little too well and know to expect many more in the future.  Hopefully I will avoid it by following Mr. Carter’s advice of drafting it in Word beforehand, thus idiot-proofing myself somewhat.  But the organized clutter is here to stay, the flighty forgetful, the improvisation the soul to the writing.  My only concern, as I say when tutoring others with their writing, is that the meaning is gleaned.  Clarity is key.  So if I am professionally flawed to the point of confusion, by all means, let me know.

Once again I’ve set myself up for another post for another day; that being my take and views on the fluidity of language and subsequent levels of arbitrary when it comes to what is ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’.  Unfortunately, even with this discussion, I cannot escape spelling.