Day 3-Liverpool School

The Philharmonic Dining HallOur fearless Leader, who rightly earned the alias, ZazaZing, herded us like giddy grade-schoolers about to take a field trip, onto the bus for our first day of school. Oh so casual and everyday for the locals, the Victorian building is really quite impressive, burnt red brick and religious tower spirals in its architecture. In this living history building, we filled out forms for enrollment in the University of Liverpool and receive our weekly stipend. We discuss course materials and get coffee. Paul Adams gives us a tour of the campus and then it’s lunchtime.

Queen, Sassibility, InLove and I end up wandering together on a quest for food. We didn’t have much in the way of time, so we found in the immediate area the Philharmonic Dining Hall (restaurant) and with a shrug (we hadn’t been able to find something more appealing) went in. Again, it is a beautiful building, sculpture stone and brass décor on the outside, inside everything is a deep dark stained wood and intricately carved, as result, good lighting is impossible. A shock of black curls and a hesitant dimpled smile awaits us at the bar. He’d look good in any sort of lighting.

We order fish and chips or soup (additionally for myself, of course, a Guinness) then found a room with an impressive fireplace and stain glass window. Turns out the place used to be a gentlemen’s club of sorts and is known for its ornate urinals in the men’s room. Yes. That’s correct, ornate urinals, so men may relieve themselves surrounded by beauty…or something. Sassibility read us the entire story from the back of the menu and then here was nothing to be done but to ask to see them—I mean, we were waiting for our food anyway, right? Otherwise I’m sure we’d be too mature to go have a look-see at standing pissers—or maybe not. The day began feeling like a kid, sometimes that can linger. So-
“Psst! Edie, go ask him if we can see them”

“Oh my gosh—the cute one that took our order?”

“Yeah, go for it! You’re the single one right? Work it!” Inlove

“Wait—Queen is single too—“

“Oh, it’s okay you can go!” Queen.


Do it, do it!

Sigh. I did it.

“Excuse me,” I say walking towards the bars, “Can we see your men’s bathroom?” I use my direct and flirty gaze, in case it’s going to take some bartering, and possibly impress my new friends and myself at picking up a gorgeous guy. Plus I’m a serial flirt, it all works out.

“Yeah, people ask all the time. Go on, have a look,” Dimples and Curls replies. Ha! I think, all us crazy tourists are SO not special like we think.

His name is Jams, he’s Welsh, and very patient. We made him take pictures with us. Again, crazy tourists…or silly school girls? I couldn’t be sure.

Inside The Gentlemen's ClubFancy Urinals