And Then There Was Pen & Ink

May 30, 1993 I wrote my first journal entry in pen.  Ink color of choice?  Purple.  And for anyone who doesn’t know me, or doesn’t know my favorite color, it’s purple.  My winter ski coat is purple and my old school alpine skiis from the ’90s have purple in them.  My beautiful quilt made by my Grandma who I am named after is primarily purple, I have purple sheets, and purple flowers embroidered on a pair of pillowcases.  The pillow cases were also of gift from my Grandma, she taught me how to do some of the stitches (which I may, or may not be able to recall how to do at this time).  I have purple gloves and hats and at times have had purple hair.  My parents gave me purple luggage for my birthday last March in anticipation of my trip to Liverpool, and I have a fair amount of clothing in the purple category.  So it makes me happy to know my first pen and ink journal entry was in purple, and that at age of 8, it looks like I already had my fetish for pens going.

Today when I woke up I for found myself in the

same clothes from yesterday and I was on the floor of

the living room.  I mopped around for a while.  Then

I took a shower and got ready for church but while

I was down in my room I packed to go camping.  I

haddent got my shoes and socks on yet and

my mom was calling me. So I grabed my shoes and

socks and ran up stairs.  My mom was cleaning up

the kichen a little bit so I slipped on my shoes (scribble out mark here)

and socks.  Then I went to get my hair done.  My mom

pulled the hair up from the sides and braided it down

and let the rest of the hair go down.  We went to church

as long as it lasted.  Then when we got home we

changed are clothes and headed of.  We travled with

are corsans for at least five hours before we got to a

camp sight.  It was a fun night.

2 thoughts on “And Then There Was Pen & Ink”

  1. I began journaling right before my first year of college (Summer 1999) and the diary I used was an academic-year planner from my former high school. Initial inscriptions were all in blue and black but by spring semester I was using a vivid purple pen that made an awesome contrast against the paper. After that pen died I soon settled on a standerd black Uni-ball fine point pen that I’ve contined to use to this day. But rereading the lived experiences of that half-year inscribed in purple pen remind me of joyous memories from my life. I love the profound thought of just how many memories can come flooding back from the reading of a mere string of words.

  2. That is awesome! Another amazing part of journal-ing is being able to really SEE how you used to see the world. It’s something that you can’t ever really accurately remember without that record because our memories grow a bit as we grow.

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