March 8, 1993

A day in a life of the soon to be 8-years-old Edie-Marie:

Today I had a slow getting up time of corse.  I ate then got

dressed.  My mom did my hair quickly.  Then when I read my ho

-me work I did it as quick and good as I could.  I had to stay in

at morning reccess becuase I didn’t get the last page of my

worksheet done or my english.  At lunch time I ate all of my

corrots, muffen and sandwich.  I drank all my orange Juice and ate

my rice crisby treat (wich was desert).  Then I helped Kirsty

chase aboy in my class named Tyler.  Then we played basket-

ball with Nick for the rest of recces time.  At the time test

I got 37 problems done.  Then are teacher told us that after

we did are math page we would get in are groups and make a sattle

-light.  SO I hurried throw my math and are group made a hudge

sattle-light that study rocks.  And it had magnens on the side

to get the moon rocks.  After that I hedded for home to

be lazy and eat and sleep.