If I had of gone to Liverpool for the summer, I would’ve gotten to live there for three months.  In those three months, when I wasn’t working, this is what I would’ve done, in order of what pops into my mind first:

Gone to all the Beatles touristy sites.  I’m glad I experienced more real and regular Liverpool, but I do love the Beatles, and I would hit those up this time!

Gone to all the awesome Liverpool Museums. Specifically revisit the Tate and the International Slavery Museum.

Bought fruit from the local stores.

Gone running more.

Participate in the Liverpool triathlon.

Gone to London again, this time successfully see a Shakespeare play at the Globe.  And I guess see all the touristy sites in London too.

Take a train to Wales and see the Castles.

Visit Scotland.

If possible, hop over to Ireland.

Reconnect with my Northern Irishmen.

Reconnect with Bea Freeman

Reconnect with Patrck Graham

Revisit the Carribean Centre

Revisit Carribean resturaunt in Toxteth

Revisit Crosby Beach

Get lost some more.

Find that guitar shop.

Go to more used book shopsGo to more thrift stores.

Discover any and all open mic night-type of things and participate.

Actually look at the museum at that cafe I went to for internet off of Water Street and Chinatown area. 

Revisit the Caldonia.

Use the Student Rec Center.

Go camping in the Lake District.

Go to one of Patrick’s plays, if possible.

Take Tricia out to dinner and wine.

Gone to the African festival again.

Pester Paul some more.

Sing for our night security-man at Carnatic-Salisbury Hall some more.

Re-revel in the space that allows and expects only me the present, no pre-judgements.

Oh Liverpool, what fun we would’ve had!  But I rejoice in our time and hope that maybe, our time can come again.