Renovation Resume

And that’s a command, as in, “Renovation, resume!” As opposed to the resume and cover letters that I have been remodeling, renovating, updating, rewriting, revising, modifying, and generally trying – breathe – to get a bleepin’ job.

I have not gotten a job yet, and am not likely too very soon because before the economic ‘recession’ it would take a new college graduate an average of a year to find a job. Now, as NPR reminds me nearly every weekend while I open the gas station, I’m looking at at least a year, or never, or when we fix the economy or the economy fixes itself…

Anyway, the point is, I’ve been prioritizing job hunting for all my free time, which is pretty limited because between four jobs, I work at least six hours a day, seven days a week. (And yes, I am complaining.) During the never-ending job hunt I had decided this website and my writing in general wasn’t as important of a way to spend my time. And maybe it’s not, but remember the ‘never ending’ part?

I still won’t be doing as much as I’d like because I’m not stopping the job search, but all this is to say, I’m back! Incidentally, it’s the position I’m applying for that helped me come to this realization. Some of the responsibilities the position requires are website upkeep and editing.

I thought, “Hell yes I got that!” And then, “Ah, man. I miss writing.”

So I’m back! –back to rebuilding and renovating this site. I’m not easing up on my diligence for the hunt for a singular job but I am re-budgeting my time. Potentially I’m going to re-budget and tighten the belt as well; I need to write. It is my passion. I don’t know what I was thinking sidelining it for so long.

Actually, I do know what I was thinking; job, bills, student loans coming due and more! But I know how to live poor really well now so everyone should check back soon for new content. If there isn’t any, punch me in the face.

So I found this today, 11/5/2012. I have a job now. It’s still difficult to get writing in. Punch me in the face. No, wait, don’t. I’m doing NaNoWritMo so, I’m really writing this month. Really.

Also I’m updating my resume and making a curriculum vitae; finally I don’t have to keep it all on one page!