Marsa: documenting the small parts


Today I had some victories and victories in my failures.

Due to my bf freaking out about buying a house, we are not going to my one and only bar mitzvah opportunity (hopefully not, but right now…not sure what my other options would be). We will save a lot of money that way. I’ve been sulking all day.

Also due to this occurrence, I had the frank state of mind to realize NAD express that I cannot afford this house decision and I cannot pay more than the current $375 a month.

I’ve just had a moment of realization on my lack of efficacy. I wonder if the bf would respect me more if I delusionally insisted the lack of trust on that plan (that I would just stay in debt forever to pay cheaper rent) could never fail – I don’t have proved reliability or success in getting out of debt but who is he to doubt me? And does he really think I would dick him over like that? He either WOULD do that to someone or knows someone who would. Yikes.

Aren’t finances cheery?

Anyway, the other thing I did was update my monthly bills scenario. Paying $200 a month will take 3 years to get out of credit card debt but as long as I’m in my current job, I should be able to guarantee $300 a month and more likely $500.


The real victory was NOT buying a paper holder for my new NaNoWritMo month. I really didn’t need it because of the book one I have. Yay!

Also looked at Shoedazzle, liked nothing, looked at my favorites and left. I skipped the month for Just Fab. There was one pair in my ‘boutique’ that I favorit-ed however.



Shoedazzle again: triple your reward points! If I’d bought those shoes then I would’ve gotten a free pair – Shoedazzle has even inexplicably given me $5 credit. I resist. For now.

I also decided not to renew my Skype number. I’ve been calling it my landline. While I was an undergrad it was perfect; I was on my laptop all the time anyway so why not save some phone costs?  Though it was also $30 a year not $60 if my memory serves…maybe that’s not right. The point is, $60 is a lot for something I almost never use now. While I am saving money, I’m not going back to the days of no cell phone and I’ve got a Google Voice number now that can replace the Skype number’s function for free! So why add bills to my nice and low $38 a month cell phone bill (unlimited data and texting – woot woot!)

I did, however, drop $32 to keep my website up. I did have an awesome discount because of my boyfriend and I also ditched a domain name (didn’t need it!).


11/5/2012 later

I just did the math. I only have to go 4.2 times to the gym in order for it to be better than random gyms that I don’t have a membership to. I need to step it up! Also that’s a good deal