The Irregular Runner

This month I’ve gone running twice. Each time was¬†approximately¬†1.5 miles round trip. I ran to the gym, did my shoulder physical therapy exercises, ran home. Um, actually jogged is probably more accurate, if you care to deliberate on such matters.

I’m not sure what I need to do to become a regular runner. You know, besides just get my butt out running. But it’s interested for me to finally realize my pattern. I’m event driven. After the Oktoberfest 1/2 marathon in Leavenworth, WA, I stopped running completely for the rest of the month. Same as I did last year, after each marathon, and after each cross country and track season in high school.

Whatever my motivations for running have been in the past, it has not been habit. I do not want to wait for the day I injure myself because I “can” push myself to a certain point, but haven’t properly trained.

I sit all day at work and I miss being strong. And in the name of no injuries and regularity, I’m running short – primarily to the gym – hoping to change a habit that I’ve had for 15 years.

2 thoughts on “The Irregular Runner”

  1. Got back from work today and decided to go for my first run in a while before it got dark. Didn’t push myself too hard but did my little lap in about 15 minutes (about average for me) What is different is that when I got back, red faced and out of breath as I was, I don’t feel like I wouldn’t be able to do it again for a while. It’s almost like some semblance of fitness. Anyhow, I decided to top it off with a cold bath to see how it would aid my recovery. If you’re a larger person like myself who’s tried running, you’ll know just how hot you can get (very) and how long it can take to lose the excess heat (ages) I ran myself a bath of entirely cold water, dipped my feet in and decided that was too extreme so added hot until it was just cold but didn’t have that burning sensation on my skin. I managed to immerse myself up to my stomach (I don’t fit in my bath too good) and stayed there for about 10 minutes. While the experience wasn’t pleasant, I can say that I’ve never felt this fine after any serious cardio before, I feel almost entirely back to normal and did as soon as I got out of the bath. Additionally, i should burn extra calories to warm myself back up. Verdict: Not comfortable but I think I would get a lot more used to it and will definitely do this again.

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