0 to 60, er, I mean 7

Runner’s Blog:

This past week I upped my miles. After zero miles I went three weeks in a row running 2.4 to 2.8 miles. This last week I logged in 7. My goal is to match that total mileage this week as I crawl out of the abyss I’ve been floundering in as a runner for, oh, I don’t know, 6 years now. Never fear, because I’d been running 7 years prior to that so the flourishing side still has the advantage. 7 is cliche for being lucky but I’ll take it.

And speaking of flourishing, 4 of my 7 was the Cupid Shuffle race.

Finish time: 31:55, 13th overall, 5th female finisher, 3rd in my age group (I am 27)

A small gathering of runners but nonetheless, I’ll take it. Oh, and I pretended I could out sprint a high school xcountry and/or track runner into the finish. Talk about 0 to 7, but I couldn’t just hand 4th place over to 15-year-old Miranda after all…