The Beer Carrot & Wing Running

Beer Chasers — mixed reviews, but no lover is perfect. Every Wednesday I run for 20-30 minutes then drink beer. Not enough to significant help my health and the beer drinking prevents any weight/fat loss (if the once a week is all a person does, which until recently it HAS been all I’ve been doing). But somehow it’s been enough to keep me going. It’s been enough to motivate me to run more — the group is putting together relay teams for April and July and I actually find myself getting excited to train again. So there you have it.

Yesterday I left the house at approximately 1:14 pm and 20 seconds for what I thought was going to be an early springtime run – cold but bearable. Shortly after I decided to finally try that gravel uphill road, about 15 minutes in of running, winter showed back up. It was windy and snowing lightly. I didn’t realize the wind was at my back, however, until I turned around to go back! This was at 25 minutes of running (I had done more downhill than up so I thought that would make it a more even out and back).

As the dark clouds continued to roll in on the wind and my top layer of skin on my legs went numb, I forgot it all as I spotted a hawk gliding on the wind. I watch him/her for as long as I could. And later, as I was taking off my shoes after documenting the carnage of a spring/winter run (sprinter, or wing, if you like), that same hawk blessed the tall pines in my neighborhood. Had he been there before and I just didn’t notice? Was she actually a different hawk? I like to think he/she was the same hawk, after all as a crow flies — which isn’t too terrible different than as a hawk flies — it had to of been less than I mile from where we first saw each other. Maybe the hawk followed my home.

Definitely felt the fatigue kick in the last ten minutes. Ran about 47 minutes, so I’m guessing 4.5 miles

Wing running: 45 minutes, hawk, wind, hail

Both Beer Chasers and this run were in the Brooks ghost running shoes. New shoe mileage: 19.5 miles