Chaotic Twos

What follows is an ‘almost’ connection of ideas.

I wouldn’t post as an informal response except that I did in fact like what I was puzzling through. I anticipate going further with this…

Two minds: what I easily cognitively digest and what is difficult to find (in text)

Two mind/virtuals: reader and author

Two mind/virtuals: Galloway and Reid

“…if the computer were a formal medium, then perhaps our analysis of it could be too. But my position is that it is not excusively or even predominantly formal.” (Highlight location 543-544).

This week I had the strange experience of reading parts of Reid’s Two Virtuals and Galloway’s introduction of Interface Effect in a secluded yet frequently sought out hot springs in the Idaho’s Selway Bitterroot Wilderness area. It’s nearly six miles hiking to get to the hot springs. Two Virtuals is damp and curling not from reading while sitting in the hot springs but from being too close to all my wet gear on the hike out. The Interface Effect is unscathed as it is on my kindle.

Book versus ebook, seclusion meets 20-30 other people (a story unfortunately not easily made relevant to these reading and this 548 class), not to mention my highly tech-heavy camping trip: digital recorder, kindle, digital camera, heart monitor plus GPS watch. This is if you don’t count high-design backpacking packs, stoves, sleeping mats and sleeping bags (which really, how can we not?). It ties in with writing as a technology and the idea that writing itself is inherently technological (Reid, and numerous times in 548 discussion both google docs written and oral).

Maybe it was my state of cyborg (surviving nature via all my technology and/or reading a kindle in a natural hot springs, harnessed by man but only with rock and log placement) that led me to finally understand what Haroway was talking about, about what Joyce is talking about in Of Two Minds, about what it might mean on a less superficial level what two virtuals even is.  (Double take, double check on Kittler – because they both mentioned Kittler I feared I was forgetting a reading we’d already done this semester). My realization which is perhaps not academic is that simply, I continue to have this bias that technology is good and with a birth date falling in 1985 have constantly been blending pre-computer tech boom with post… or more accurate concurrent computer-tech boom.

I think I like where Reid is going as well as the other Alexander,  Galloway.

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