Marsa’s Still Hanging Out and Shopping Less

“I’m starting to think you live a double life” my partner texts me.

Double life, multiple identities
Double life, multiple identities

This is because my new Fabletics order came in. I got spandex shorts, a hooded shirt with thumb holes, AND a sports bra for $25. They only do that for your first purchase. I am definitely a fan of the online shopping. It is more of a pain to return things, and I wouldn’t recommend the samana bra I bought (the fabric was itchy, and I’m not a busty girl, but I still say it ain’t doing nothing…maybe a smaller size?) which I will have now have to ship back. But this is all just one of my fabulous, possibly ADD side stories that is almost or partly relevant.

I don’t go by Marsa and Carter is my unmarried partner’s last name. But it seemed so appropriate because ‘the shopper’ was a bit embarrassing to me – I’d had delusions of being mostly non-girly on account of not liking malls. So I went with Marsa. (Yes, it has a back story. I will refrain.) But my Shnookums Carter is good with money, unlike me, as my mother and I recently revisited on the phone lately.

So Marsa Carter is my inner shopper AND my inner fiscal conscience. It’s not as bad as you would think.

Despite being largely not as productive with my money as I could have while I worked in my full-time grown up job, I did produce, as it were.

Identities and Education
Identities and Education

And I was nervous about the switch to graduate school income, and indeed I did see about a three month stall in progress on my credit card debt, but I have successfully switched and successfully NOT touched any of my retirement even when I had the opportunity to. That was hard. In my defense I was going to take out just enough to pay off my credit card debt remaining. But I was listening to howstuffworks podcast and they did an episode on money. ¬†Basically, if I’m taking from savings and/or retirement, I’ve screwed up and it’s a double screw up to take from savings.

So I’m leaving it. I’ve successfully rolled it into an IRA investment ROTH thingy, that I mostly don’t understand. (Don’t worry, my partner and my credit union financial adviser walked me through it). Also, my credit card debt is down a hundred dollars this month even WITH buying the new yoga clothes.

So yes, my dear partner, I am living a double life. My crappy instincts against what I’ve learned. My debt from mistakes of my past versus my growing competence (I¬†pay my rent). And the yoga clothes help motivate me to DO YOGA and treat the stress from graduate school in a more affordable way, then say, expensive (but nice) pharmaceuticals, and…well really, you can’t put a price on health (even though our society does, all the time).

Marsa Carter is always on the back of my mind. At one point I thought, ‘an outsider might think I’ve got multiple personalities!’ But it’s nothing so painful exciting as that. It’s mostly a personification of my weaknesses and girliness/materialism that I haven’t fully accepted, harnessed by my rampant imagination and daydreaming.

Finally, I haven’t really had time to write regularly because of graduate school. And because I do this thing, where I only want to do things just so, near perfect or perfectly inline with whatever the hell I had in my head. I do this thing with graduate school and money. And it’s no good! We — and by we I suppose I mean Marsa and I? — have to allow for mistakes and flexibility. So here I am actually blogging about my money adventures and woes like I keep telling myself I’m going to. Maybe not as cool or as neat as I thought it would be, but whatever. I did it.

Marsa out!