Conciliated Wonder Pending

I cannot say that I have fully embraced wonder or difficulty. I can say that attempting my own hypertext in various forms has been extremely difficult and time-consuming and not entirely satisfying – I spent more time re-mediating than elaborating and refining my actual text. I have used PowerPoint, Prezi, wordpress, Microsoft Word, WordyUp, Minecraft, Snipping Tool, Screenshots, pdf, JPEG and PNG image.

You can look at the pdf of the piece in a linear fashion Appeasing the confounded via conciliated wonder. Or not. 

I am not certain of all the mechanisms. I am not always making choices in composition with rhetoric in mind. I do not fully understand all the ideas of the authors I cite.

I wonder.

How long it will take until I do?

I wonder.

It may not happen necessarily.

Pending: more wonder once the work part of the semester is through.