1st Reading Response, Engl591

Anxiety and gray matter
Anxiety and gray matter

I’m represented with the crazy, fuzzy, eyeballs. The gray balloon is the gray matter that is ideas, arguments, and intersections of theory, among other things. There’s different links and trails to writing and other things, including the anxiety I have about getting started and performing for audiences, and mediums used (part of an old floppy, posted for paper). You can click on the photo to view a larger version.

Answering Doctor Arola’s questions on our first multimodal:

Frustrating – I have to dwell on a thing that causes anxiety.

I did feel constrained by the materials but really, I’m shit at visual design. Rather than trying to improve myself in this regard, I just want to give up. My visual mind is chaos – see my creation, or my office, or my assortment of art on my walls at home.

Linguistic – writing would’ve been easier – ‘cause that’s how I’m best


A more recent development in my writing process/relationship is anxiety and expectation. I’m slowly identifying and breaking it down to return to my origins – writing cause I like it, to explore and ponder and understand. I write well under pressure – it seems that’s really when the good stuff comes along – but then I feel, in almost every case, that what I turn in by said deadline was really only beginning.

It’s like writing is my longtime lover and I’m trying to bring new things into the bedroom and also terribied the relationship will fail. Lovers make you feel amazing and also


Writing feels more familiar and comfortable to me but I feel constrained by the perceived approval or disapproval of my audience. It’s my easiest way to communicate but I’m not particularly happy with what I wrote.


I’m not sure about the word “relationship” to writing as opposed to the more common, what is my writing process?


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  1. Love the use of the balloon in your text. I’m also compelled with how you felt limited by the materials yet totally went for it. And the lover analogy is a good one 🙂

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