Beer Chasers is a community of runners from all different fields, not unlike an English 101 classroom or a WAC course. Yet we come together under the common love of beer and running (sometimes mostly the former). We have a facebook group, we keep stats, and ultimately are collaboratively creating multimodal works.

How might the model of Beer Chasers be applied to a WAC course to do more than use multimodality to learn standard practices, but to come up with new ones?

Additionally, podcasts have become the TIVOed radio for getting audio information or entertainment. If video killed the radio store, then its spirit has taken over the digital airwaves. I never thought I’d listen to stories like people used to pre-television, but I do. My favorite is I never thought I’d listen to The Brain Science Podcast or learn about science literacy and skepticism through The Skeptics Guide to The Universe. Yet now it’s how I get a lot of my science news information. Further, podcasts have been used for change; in the Mormon community, John Dehlin’s Mormon Stories Podcast ultimately led to him being ex-communicated but not before educating a lot of Mormons about the inaccuracies of church history they learned and making a case for Gay rights as the right thing to do as a good Mormon.

So, how can podcasts inform, persuade, and shake the status quo?


And finally, running is a way I have learned and made sense of the world. I will talk about this more but I’m out of time.