I Fixed It!

This is my metronome.

This gadget is at least 15 years old.

It turns on, off with the option for beeps and dots keeping the beat or only dots no beeps. You turn the speed up and down to whatever beat you are supposed to be playing and practicing your music to.

I remember practicing my clarinet with it and I’m pretty sure it was during my middle school years. So it’s at least 15 years old. And until recently ran perfectly ¬†without any problems. I probably would’ve just thrown it away but because we were working on ifixit projects in English 534, I decided to fix it instead.


Troubleshooting the Seiko Metronome

  • Metronome buttons inconsistently respond

This probably means the buttons are wearing out. As yet I can’t help you with that but you can try opening up the back and resetting to the battery (take it out and put it back in) to see if it helps.

  • Metronome performs inconsistently

It¬†behaves like it’s possessed (erratic performance, stuck on a certain setting, etc.). The buttons stop responding or “over respond” to adjustments. If this happens a battery reset is in order. You can also check with visuals below if the wires are in the same places.

  • Metronome will not turn on

Time for a new battery!


Battery Replacement or Reboot

CR 2025 3v lithium battery & slot screw driver

To replace or reboot your metronome you will need a CR2025 3 volt lithium battery. I couldn’t snap of photo of the ID on the battery itself because it’s so reflective that all you see is a reflection of the camera. But here is the matte side of the battery as well as the size 0 precision (aka very small) slot screw driver you’ll need to get the battery out.

You will also need a size 00 precision phillips screw driver to get the screws out. If you have a slot screw driver size 00 it would do the job of both taking the screws out and the battery out.

First, unscrew the four screws on the back of the metronome.


The screws are pretty tiny to I suggest putting them in a baggy or a bowl, or containing them somehow so you don’t lose them.

Next use your slot screw driver to pop out the battery.

If desired you can gently clean the inside with canned air or a soft cloth. If you are rebooting you will replace the same battery. If you know the battery is dead, be sure and put in a new battery. Checking with a reboot first is a good idea, as it turned out mine started working again with a reboot so I’ll save those batteries for when the time comes!

Gently snap the battery back into place by hand.






Fit the back cover into place and screw the screws back into place with the 00 phillips screwdriver.



That’s it! Happy (and precise) rehearsals with your good-as-new metronome.

Good as new!


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