Mis Tareas

Mi Cuarto Día en San Pedro

Estar exacto, puedo decir mi quinto día pero mi primer día viajé y no yo podría ver la ciudad de San Pedro. Entonces, digo mi cuarto día. La primera cosa, en la mañana este es un temblor. Después duermo mas pero creo demasiado porque necesité mas tiempo para comer y vestir. ¡No recuerdo mi ropa íntima sucio en el baño! ¡Soy muy muy avergonzada! Un reloj dice son las nueve y cinco cuando yo llegaba a mi escuela, Casa Rosario. Después mi clase, es la una en punto, yo no nado o usar el cayuco porque el lago tiene las olas. Tomo café en el café de Atitlán. Escribo en mi computadora con mi novio y amigos. Después almuerzo caminé dos horas en las calles de San Pedro porque me gustaría encontrar un café especifico. También me gusta caminar y yo puedo aprender cuando hacer. Es necesario yo podría aprender los calles de San Pedro. Antes yo podría regresar a la casa de mi familia la lluvia comienza. ¡Hay mucho mucho lluvia! Esta bien porque me gustaría pagar un paragua y usar mi español. No puedo negociar pero pago a la treinta y cinco quetzales. Pagué una bebida de fruta la manzana tambien. No puedo decir el tiempo exacto cuando regrasaba pero creo son las seis menos cuarto.

Mi Primer Fin de Semana

El sábado tengo clase porqué no tengo clase el lunes antes porque viajé todo el día. Después yo voy en el cayuco. Yo voy dentro de la casa viejo en el lago de Atitlán. El domingo en la mañana camine´a la oficina de voluntario pero no miro las personas. Entonces caminé al Café atitlán para mi desayuno. Yo tengo desayuno de frutas con papayas, bananos, y sandía. También bebo café americano. Escribí en mi computadora, especifico, escribí correo electrónico a Rising Minds hacer una cita. Después regresando a mi casa. Toco mi guitarra y canto con Pablito. Un desfile ir por mi casa. Elena, Pablito y yo miramos. Son las doce mediodía mi maestra Ester visitar y hablamos por un rato. Después hablé mucho con mi novio usando skype de Café Chuayisina. Después caminé las calles de San Pedro mas. Buscando tienda de Beatríz y hacer una cita para corter mi cabello el próximo día son las cinco y media. Regresando a mi casa vestirme para la iglesia. Yo voy a la iglesia Bethel. Iglesia Bethel es la iglesia de mi familia en San Pedro. La iglesia es muy interesante. Creo ir otra ves en el futuro.

Before it wipes away

Page three of the very first journal, third entry.  The pencil is smudging and some of the words I can barely make out.  My significant other says how I really need to transcribe this stuff and I agree.  Not sure the best way and when I’ll get that done, but for now I’ll make sure June 15, 1992 is preserved:

Today I facqumed the stairs for a doller and now I have six

dollers and I’m going to put it in the bank.  And there is

something about me today that I’m wering today and that is

I’m whering all red and even my shoo’s are red too.  If

you really want to know wat hapen this week really

not innything icsiting.

The next entry because it makes me so happy, and really is parallel to where I’m at now 18 years later–in August I will be super senior, king of the school:

July 9, 1992

Today I wish it was Agust |. becase I’m so icsidid

for school becase I’m going to be king of the school.

And allso it | u will be cool to be a secent greder.

I was king of the school as a second grader because of all the new schools being built.  Smithfield, Utah was growing like crazy.  Sunrise Elementary is where I went to Kindergarten, then I went to Summit Elementary for first grade.  The building was once a high school a long, long, time ago.  Perhaps really it just was THE school of Smithfield, I dunno.

But while I was going to Kindergarten they were adding onto the building.  It was finished for my second grade year, so I went back–to a brand new school.  Sunrise Elementary, last I knew is Kindergarten through second graders.  Summit Elementary also was added onto and lost one of it’s buildings because it was no longer safe to survive any of the quakes from the fault lines in the area.  My middle school middle suffered the same fate.

I went to back to Summit Elementary again, before the add-on but after demolishing its external building (SO cool).  But I was only there until 5th grade when I headed to the ever evolving middle school situation.  So I guess I’ve always been a mover, 15 moves since graduating high school and without moving homestead once, five different schools, six school changes before getting to that graduation of high school.

And Then There Was Pen & Ink

May 30, 1993 I wrote my first journal entry in pen.  Ink color of choice?  Purple.  And for anyone who doesn’t know me, or doesn’t know my favorite color, it’s purple.  My winter ski coat is purple and my old school alpine skiis from the ’90s have purple in them.  My beautiful quilt made by my Grandma who I am named after is primarily purple, I have purple sheets, and purple flowers embroidered on a pair of pillowcases.  The pillow cases were also of gift from my Grandma, she taught me how to do some of the stitches (which I may, or may not be able to recall how to do at this time).  I have purple gloves and hats and at times have had purple hair.  My parents gave me purple luggage for my birthday last March in anticipation of my trip to Liverpool, and I have a fair amount of clothing in the purple category.  So it makes me happy to know my first pen and ink journal entry was in purple, and that at age of 8, it looks like I already had my fetish for pens going.

Today when I woke up I for found myself in the

same clothes from yesterday and I was on the floor of

the living room.  I mopped around for a while.  Then

I took a shower and got ready for church but while

I was down in my room I packed to go camping.  I

haddent got my shoes and socks on yet and

my mom was calling me. So I grabed my shoes and

socks and ran up stairs.  My mom was cleaning up

the kichen a little bit so I slipped on my shoes (scribble out mark here)

and socks.  Then I went to get my hair done.  My mom

pulled the hair up from the sides and braided it down

and let the rest of the hair go down.  We went to church

as long as it lasted.  Then when we got home we

changed are clothes and headed of.  We travled with

are corsans for at least five hours before we got to a

camp sight.  It was a fun night.

And Then There Was Cursive

March 29, 1993 is the first journal entry where I write in cursive.  I’m eight years old.  It adds a new element of possibility for misspellings.  It’s great.  Again, there is some things lost in this transfer, because the handwriting is great.  I’m still writing with pencil too.

Today I woke up, as usall and hurried to school.  I read my

homework tine and got my morning work done.  Then after lun

-ch  we had a sell.  I had nindy two daller at the begening at the

end  I had fouredy five daller’s lelt and I only bought four things

Then I plased and playied with my fiend Amanda. Then I ate,

I danced then raid.  Then I snugle in bed to go to sleep.