If I had of gone to Liverpool for the summer, I would’ve gotten to live there for three months.  In those three months, when I wasn’t working, this is what I would’ve done, in order of what pops into my mind first:

Gone to all the Beatles touristy sites.  I’m glad I experienced more real and regular Liverpool, but I do love the Beatles, and I would hit those up this time!

Gone to all the awesome Liverpool Museums. Specifically revisit the Tate and the International Slavery Museum.

Bought fruit from the local stores.

Gone running more.

Participate in the Liverpool triathlon.

Gone to London again, this time successfully see a Shakespeare play at the Globe.  And I guess see all the touristy sites in London too.

Take a train to Wales and see the Castles.

Visit Scotland.

If possible, hop over to Ireland.

Reconnect with my Northern Irishmen.

Reconnect with Bea Freeman

Reconnect with Patrck Graham

Revisit the Carribean Centre

Revisit Carribean resturaunt in Toxteth

Revisit Crosby Beach

Get lost some more.

Find that guitar shop.

Go to more used book shopsGo to more thrift stores.

Discover any and all open mic night-type of things and participate.

Actually look at the museum at that cafe I went to for internet off of Water Street and Chinatown area. 

Revisit the Caldonia.

Use the Student Rec Center.

Go camping in the Lake District.

Go to one of Patrick’s plays, if possible.

Take Tricia out to dinner and wine.

Gone to the African festival again.

Pester Paul some more.

Sing for our night security-man at Carnatic-Salisbury Hall some more.

Re-revel in the space that allows and expects only me the present, no pre-judgements.

Oh Liverpool, what fun we would’ve had!  But I rejoice in our time and hope that maybe, our time can come again.

The Myth and Misconceptions of Spring

Spring is a ways away depending on where you live.  It visited here mid-January randomly.  Kind of cruel really, warm weather?  Just kidding!  And this from a girl who loves winter–and hates spring.

I hate spring because it’s supposed to be all lovey-dovey time, happy, pretty, innocent, etc.  The only reason people are happy is because they know summer is coming.  Everything is still dead in spring.  Spring is the time for preparation for summer, subsequently, lots of hard work.

The spring semester for academia is no different.  Did you fill out your FAFSA?  Did you hear about that fund that you can apply for?  Deadline is coming up!  It’s a week after the scholarship deadline but before the internship application deadline.  Then register for classes for fall.  Fall?  Who thinks about fall in March?  Oh, and don’t forget about homework for the classes you are in RIGHT NOW!

I can see the finish line!

Dear Loving Readers,

because I’m pretty sure that most of the people who actually read this site, love me!

I’m currently bogged down with a preposterous amount of writing in lieu of my upcoming finals. Everything is due December 15th, either at high noon, causing me to have to cancel my fast-draw duel, or at 5 pm sharp in classic magazine/newspaper writing method and style, or by midnight, at which point I turn into a pumpkin. It’s convenient really, because my mother and I discovered it’s much easier to ship me home in form of pumpkin.

After a few days I grow back into a woman, ideally. As long as there are no hiccups in that process, I shall then be able to write and post freely in this little haven I have come to love. I’ll also have a shit-ton of stuff to post from the semester, so, there you go!

Much Love, and Happy Holidays,

Edie-Marie Roper

And Then There Was Pen & Ink

May 30, 1993 I wrote my first journal entry in pen.  Ink color of choice?  Purple.  And for anyone who doesn’t know me, or doesn’t know my favorite color, it’s purple.  My winter ski coat is purple and my old school alpine skiis from the ’90s have purple in them.  My beautiful quilt made by my Grandma who I am named after is primarily purple, I have purple sheets, and purple flowers embroidered on a pair of pillowcases.  The pillow cases were also of gift from my Grandma, she taught me how to do some of the stitches (which I may, or may not be able to recall how to do at this time).  I have purple gloves and hats and at times have had purple hair.  My parents gave me purple luggage for my birthday last March in anticipation of my trip to Liverpool, and I have a fair amount of clothing in the purple category.  So it makes me happy to know my first pen and ink journal entry was in purple, and that at age of 8, it looks like I already had my fetish for pens going.

Today when I woke up I for found myself in the

same clothes from yesterday and I was on the floor of

the living room.  I mopped around for a while.  Then

I took a shower and got ready for church but while

I was down in my room I packed to go camping.  I

haddent got my shoes and socks on yet and

my mom was calling me. So I grabed my shoes and

socks and ran up stairs.  My mom was cleaning up

the kichen a little bit so I slipped on my shoes (scribble out mark here)

and socks.  Then I went to get my hair done.  My mom

pulled the hair up from the sides and braided it down

and let the rest of the hair go down.  We went to church

as long as it lasted.  Then when we got home we

changed are clothes and headed of.  We travled with

are corsans for at least five hours before we got to a

camp sight.  It was a fun night.

To the readers…

To the friends, family, random readers that have somehow stumbled onto this little newborn baby site, THANK YOU!!!  And, I predict approximately another two weeks before I’ve settled into a good groove with school that allows me to write and post and update this site as much as I want.  To any who want a shout out for when I do/have, let me know.  In general I’m saying thanks and keep the faith; more is coming!  I suppose in truth, this is more for me, because in my ideal world I would have already documented and posted all my Liverpool adventures.

In the Great Northwest (USA) Fall’s breath sends goosebumps down our necks and a pair of gold-colored glasses to see the world through; I love fall, second favorite season of the year!  Enjoy!

Day 3-Liverpool School

The Philharmonic Dining HallOur fearless Leader, who rightly earned the alias, ZazaZing, herded us like giddy grade-schoolers about to take a field trip, onto the bus for our first day of school. Oh so casual and everyday for the locals, the Victorian building is really quite impressive, burnt red brick and religious tower spirals in its architecture. In this living history building, we filled out forms for enrollment in the University of Liverpool and receive our weekly stipend. We discuss course materials and get coffee. Paul Adams gives us a tour of the campus and then it’s lunchtime.

Queen, Sassibility, InLove and I end up wandering together on a quest for food. We didn’t have much in the way of time, so we found in the immediate area the Philharmonic Dining Hall (restaurant) and with a shrug (we hadn’t been able to find something more appealing) went in. Again, it is a beautiful building, sculpture stone and brass décor on the outside, inside everything is a deep dark stained wood and intricately carved, as result, good lighting is impossible. A shock of black curls and a hesitant dimpled smile awaits us at the bar. He’d look good in any sort of lighting.

We order fish and chips or soup (additionally for myself, of course, a Guinness) then found a room with an impressive fireplace and stain glass window. Turns out the place used to be a gentlemen’s club of sorts and is known for its ornate urinals in the men’s room. Yes. That’s correct, ornate urinals, so men may relieve themselves surrounded by beauty…or something. Sassibility read us the entire story from the back of the menu and then here was nothing to be done but to ask to see them—I mean, we were waiting for our food anyway, right? Otherwise I’m sure we’d be too mature to go have a look-see at standing pissers—or maybe not. The day began feeling like a kid, sometimes that can linger. So-
“Psst! Edie, go ask him if we can see them”

“Oh my gosh—the cute one that took our order?”

“Yeah, go for it! You’re the single one right? Work it!” Inlove

“Wait—Queen is single too—“

“Oh, it’s okay you can go!” Queen.


Do it, do it!

Sigh. I did it.

“Excuse me,” I say walking towards the bars, “Can we see your men’s bathroom?” I use my direct and flirty gaze, in case it’s going to take some bartering, and possibly impress my new friends and myself at picking up a gorgeous guy. Plus I’m a serial flirt, it all works out.

“Yeah, people ask all the time. Go on, have a look,” Dimples and Curls replies. Ha! I think, all us crazy tourists are SO not special like we think.

His name is Jams, he’s Welsh, and very patient. We made him take pictures with us. Again, crazy tourists…or silly school girls? I couldn’t be sure.

Inside The Gentlemen's ClubFancy Urinals

The Travel Quote Post of the Slightly Less Renowned

“We are social animals. The only reason we aren’t extinct is because of this. Individual isn’t the most important, the group, the broad collectively…is how we find our true stature.” ~Paul Adams, University of Liverpool, Educational Opportunities Manager

“White people, Black people, Indian people–all here together in one place. This is the future.” Daby Toure, African Goya concert Sefton Park, Liverpool, June 21, 2009

“I write for fun, but it’s no joke
because what I write
is to make the thought provoke.” -Patrick Graham, Black Out Productions

“What is your favorite passion?” -Candid

“What’s your happy ending?” -InLove

“We are superficial and profound” -Vixen

“I’m this unique human individual now” -Vixen

“There are two kinds of Americans; those who can cry for their country and those who can’t” -Vixen

“She seems the most studious of our group” -Me
“No, she just does it a different way” -Pensive

“History is NOT to develop the memory at the expense of intelligence,”
“The best kind of history is pulled into the present,”
“Education is also about citizenship,”
“Lecturing is a lecturer passing their notes to the students’ notepads without it passing through the brains of either,”
“We live life in details, but think in generalities,”
“Words are elastic, always question, pin down the meaning,”
“Isn’t education about getting confidence?”-All from Professor Ron Noon’s lecture, July 8, 2009

“The trouble with words is you don’t know who else’s mouth they’ve been in.” -Dennis Potter, playwright