Perhaps Professional

A sheepish grin from the author after correcting three or four misspells and, ironically, mistakes in the posts written so far.  I do take my writing seriously but know myself a little too well and know to expect many more in the future.  Hopefully I will avoid it by following Mr. Carter’s advice of drafting it in Word beforehand, thus idiot-proofing myself somewhat.  But the organized clutter is here to stay, the flighty forgetful, the improvisation the soul to the writing.  My only concern, as I say when tutoring others with their writing, is that the meaning is gleaned.  Clarity is key.  So if I am professionally flawed to the point of confusion, by all means, let me know.

Once again I’ve set myself up for another post for another day; that being my take and views on the fluidity of language and subsequent levels of arbitrary when it comes to what is ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’.  Unfortunately, even with this discussion, I cannot escape spelling.

My First Post“Look at me, I’m on the Internets!” she exclaimed.  A true sign of being a child of technology at last.  Though she had played games on her grandmother’s macintosh as young as she could remember, and attempted to conquer Freedom and Oregon Trail on computer lab days in elementary school, in truth she was a mediocre operator of software at best.  Her grandmother, still alive and kickin’ at 83 years old could tell you more about ram, hard drives and the like than she could.

But she, Ms. Edith-Marie Roper, would have to adapt eventually.  And so, on her Macbook attained in such a manner that requires a story for another day, she is learning.

Welcome all and enjoy.  And don’t worry, I generally will not refer to myself in the third person.