My Runner Bio

First interest: encouragement from my PE teacher after running a sub-six minute mile in 6th grade coupled with my big sister running cross country that same school year, 1996-97

First 5k Smithfield City’s Celebration: Health Days Saturday 5k fun run 1997
Ran xcountry and track all four years of high school; track events 800m, medley relay, 1600m and 3200m 1999-2003

My very brief time as a collegiate runner


One xcountry season in college, 2003,  NAIA division
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Volunteer coached track and field distance events for SLC, UT ‘s West High School, 2005 and 2006 seasons

Marathons: 2, Top of Utah 2005 and Salmon, ID 2010

I paid for this?
This is what hitting the wall looks like. Pretty sexy. Despite vastly different training schedules, it came at the same spot for both marathons: somewhere between mile 20 & 21.

½ Marathons: 5, Top of Utah, Great Salt Lake ½, Snake River Half, Oktoberfest Leavenworth Half 2011 & 2012

5Ks: ha just kidding. No idea. A LOT multiple every year, years 1997- 2003, less frequent 2004 – present

10ks: probably approximately half as many as however many 5ks I’ve run

1 sprint triathalon

4 Wasatch Back Relays (Ragnar): 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008

Bloomsday Runs: 1, first time in 2012!

Personal Records
100 meters – 15 seconds HS track practice time trials 2003
200 meters – 31 seconds HS track practice time trials 2003
300 meter hurdles – raced it in a track meet once, either 2002 or 2003 season…been trying to track down the results just for funsies
400 meters – 66 seconds Spring 2003
800 meters – 2:32 Spring of 2001
1600 meters indoor – 5:54 February 2003
1600 meters outdoor – 5:30 Spring of 2001
Beer Mile – 24:13 August 2012
3200 meters 11:49 spring of 2001 ~ possible still holds as Sky View HS’s women’s record, but I couldn’t be sure and haven’t looked into it.
Kamiak loop 2.25 miles:
clockwise 21:24 summer 2012
Counter clockwise – 22:22 summer 2012
5k – 19:41 Fall of 2002
6k 25:30 Fall of 2003
10K – 41:03 Fall of 2002
½ marathon – 1 hour 35 minutes TOU/2 September 2005
Marathon – 3 hours 50 minutes Salmon, ID marathon 2010

It has just occurred to me that I could probably track down links for results to a lot of these. Mmmh.

The Runner Blog: a resource since approximately 1999

I’ve been a runner since I was 12-years-old. I ran the junior high intramural one-mile race and took an overall second with 5:54—the only person that beat me was a boy! Then I ran a weekend 5k fun run. Midway through I thought I was going to die, but when I didn’t I found myself hooked on runner’s high and seeing just how far I could push my physical self.

Plus my big sister ran cross country and no female figure was cooler in my eyes. So I ran all four years of high school for the cross country team and distance events for the track and field team. Then I ran a cross country season at a little mid-west university, NAIA division.

I ran the Wasatch Back Relay two times on team “World’s Greatest Athlete” (if you haven’t seen this amazing 70’s Disney,” You gotta think!”) and two times as co-captain with a teammate from high school, “I Sold My Sister Leg To Be Here” and “I Sold My Sister’s Other Leg To Be Here” (our team was made up of mostly college students and the entry fee is fairly expensive). I’ve completed two half and two full marathons. I’ve even got conveniently hide-able Hermes wing tattoos, a combined expression of my love of running and reading and writing literature. Wait a sec—writing?

Why has it taken me so long to start a runner blog? It’s silly but, I used to have a sort of purist view to running. All you need are shoes and you’re free! Technology and running, I thought, don’t mix. But I have since discovered (since age of 12) that sports bras are a pretty amazing and crucial technology. Also that you can be tough and grin n’ bear when it comes to chaffing—but if you don’t have to, why would you?

And trying to train without a coach? Not so easy.  In fact I need to stop buying Garmins for guys that keep turning into exes and get one for myself! Though I have done all the above races without one and will continue to do it tech-free for a while due to a lack of funds (recent college graduate, e.g. I’m screwed).

Well, not tech-free really, Garmin Forerunner 405-free—because I’m starting up again and I’m blogging this time. I’m pretty excited about it actually. It should be an interesting journey.

I’m starting from zero, and though running is in my blood, my body is ever growing older. I’m outta shape and have been wondering how to define myself as a runner since the college gig didn’t work out.

Ready, set, …