Hello, and thanks for visiting my website.

My name is Edith-Marie Roper, just as the url would suggest. I am a PhD candidate in English, rhetoric and composition at Washington State University. I  decided a happier writer would write the dissertation faster and so relocated to Colorado Springs to be with my life partner and husband, Richard, and our two four legged children: River the dog, and Skeeter Bug the cat.








I decided to get my master’s degree after working as a retention specialist for TRIO/Student Support Services at Washington State University for about two years. I realized I needed more education in order to help students get their education, and to eventually move up to assistant director and director of a TRIO program. I decided to get my PhD after I unexpectedly fell in love with teaching while fulfilling my teaching assistantship funding responsibilities for my master’s degree.

My bachelor’s degree in English is with an emphasis in creative writing. My master’s thesis portfolio work and my PhD dissertation both incorporate this influence along with issues of race, class, gender and sexuality, and religion, as pertains to learning and teaching writing at the college level successfully. Within those categories I address issues of first-generation college students, students with a documented disability, and low-income students. As I have first-hand experience with all of these conditions and intersectionalities, my studying and writing about them is following the call of one of my professors and mentors, Victor Villanueva, in his article “Memoria is a Friend of Ours” (2004, College English journal). That call is to actively utilize the personal in academic work.

This website is a work in progress, often put on the backburner for things needing to get worked on (grading, dissertation writing, etc.). I have very old posts from when I was an undergraduate, I have some personal writing, some poetry, some creative writing, and writing completed for graduate coursework. I have posts about my non-academic pursuits of running, yoga, music, and the outdoors. So, a little bit of everything. Eventually I will get it well-organized.