March 8, 1993

A day in a life of the soon to be 8-years-old Edie-Marie:

Today I had a slow getting up time of corse.  I ate then got

dressed.  My mom did my hair quickly.  Then when I read my ho

-me work I did it as quick and good as I could.  I had to stay in

at morning reccess becuase I didn’t get the last page of my

worksheet done or my english.  At lunch time I ate all of my

corrots, muffen and sandwich.  I drank all my orange Juice and ate

my rice crisby treat (wich was desert).  Then I helped Kirsty

chase aboy in my class named Tyler.  Then we played basket-

ball with Nick for the rest of recces time.  At the time test

I got 37 problems done.  Then are teacher told us that after

we did are math page we would get in are groups and make a sattle

-light.  SO I hurried throw my math and are group made a hudge

sattle-light that study rocks.  And it had magnens on the side

to get the moon rocks.  After that I hedded for home to

be lazy and eat and sleep.

Because there is always a beginning…

I keep almost everything.  I’ve got boxes stored at my parents place of pictures, projects, rock collections, awards, shirts I made, old dolls and stuffed animals and who knows what else. Someday I’ll be out of the moving an average of every six months. Someday I’ll be in a place with enough room to keep them with me, to remember, to laugh, to cry, and to write, of course.

Naturally, I keep all my writing as well.  But I keep all my writing with me, and lug it in and out of new apartments each time.  I couldn’t leave it behind.  I needed it, I insisted, to reference events in my life, to use as writing prompts, to revise; the truth is that I haven’t delved into that much.  But I’m glad I persisted in having it with me.

What you are about to read is the first journal entry ever written, by yours truly.  I received the hearty three ring, book sized, gold embossed burgundy journal for my seventh birthday.  My mother had my name put on the lower right hand corner on it in matching gold emboss.  My favorite part, (besides my name, because that is pretty freakin’ awesome!) is the little emblem of a quill pen resting in its ink bottle in the center of the cover.  Perhaps it’s why I’ve always wanted one.  I finally got me a quill pen this summer, in London at the Globe Theater gift shop, but that is another story.

It is written in pencil and has a dashed line at the bottom where I numbered the pages myself, as well as a centered title line where I always put the date.  I’m not correcting any of the grammar and spelling mistakes.  I’m not leaving anything out; this is the complete first one page entry documenting my life, written by myself.  My only regret is not being able to replicate the handwriting for you.

June 1 1992

Today win I woke up we desided to stay in bed and

read.  We finished the book we wir reading and it was a

good book.  I’ev red three of Natalie’s book’s and tow wir

Kirsten book’s. and one was a Samantha book and I’ev only

read one Molly book.  Today I check out tow Paddington book from

the Smithfeild lidery.  And the first few pag’s and so far it’s

iterging and Natalie said that she red Paddinton book’s in first

grad to and I think that’s grate.  It’s grate to have a

grate sister like Natalie.  She is the best helper in the

whole wide wholed becuas She help’s me a lot for one

resen she helped me lron how to ride a bike and she helped

me to lron how to read and well Just help’s all lot menly.

Oh how it makes me giggle.  Especially when I read the next entry.

June 12, 1992

Last week and this week I ben spending my time

with my cusen’s and cind af haveing fun.  So far I’m haveing

pritty much fun.  oh and my sister is stuped!!!!

Ahh, sisterhood.

If any readers out there would like more from the spelling genius mind of Edith-Marie Roper, age 7, let me know and I’ll post some more; because while I think they are hilarious, interesting and awesome, I realize that not everyone else would agree.  So…

If you desided reading this was fun and grate and a good time menly, give me a resen and I will post more.